Saturday, 29 June 2013

Suicide Sid

My next idea was to sculpt a proper human figure, and after a lot of looking through miniature company websites (particularly Excalibur and Stan Johansen) and Google Images, I settled on a suicide bomber. 

The armature again was copper (0.8mm diameter) and I used ProCreate exclusively. Arms were added later, which made sculpting the torso a lot easier although more care had to be taken about measurements and proportions. I chose a series of high explosive charges linked with detonating cord as the improvised explosive device, with a simple switch in Sid's right hand. The left hand ended up being a prosthetic, because I trimmed off the armature too short and felt lazy... Slipper to turban is just a mite under 37mm.

Again I surfed a lot of the mini sculpting community on the Web for tips on sculpting heads, and came up with my own hybrid approach:
  1. Skull roughly shaped on the armature
  2. Key bone structures marked out - orbits, zygomatic arch - leaving a raised area for the mouth
  3. Eyebrow ridge, nose and lips added with a mandible line
  4. Ears added ( a little big but I decided he's a pensioner bomber) and an impressive beard

I haven't painted Sid yet, even though he is finished, as I consider him my best miniature to date - I don't want to spoil him by doing a bad paint job! I also want to resin cast him a few times - if anyone has good brands for room temperature vulcanised silcone moulding (RTV) and decent casting resin, which I can get in the UK, I'd really like to know!

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