Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hellmouth Pensioners 2

Lady With A Flail
I think Lady With A Flail started out as a mini in the pose of Billy the Kid from Black Scorpion, with a copper armature. Again, a Fimo (1:1 MixQuick) dress, and I then decided to put a Ratigo Fear-Woman head onto her (see Jack Vance's Nightlamp), which I modelled in plasticene first. The head was made from ProCreate, using some very fine antiqued glass beads cut in half for eyeballs. I added a plain flail, made from fine jeweller's aluminium wire, braided together and glued onto the arm. I left the right arm as plain bone. I added a horrible knitted blue busby, like Granny Ifness used to have (maysherestinpeace). 

 I then decided that I wanted to repaint the head... and got the Nitromors paint stripper out... disaster! It dissolved most of her head. So I had to resculpt again, from ProCreate, using what was left as a foundation. So, she now has some lank hair, a better tongue, but a less expressive face. I added some leather bands around the flail handle, to make it look a bit more natural. 

I think the expression is better first time around, so I am tempted to go back and add some more features, like a brow ridge and more noticeable cheeks. The dressed was ragged with a plain probe.

Corpse Bride
I put together another quick armature, this time of steel wire (more on armatures in a later post), slapped on a body of Green Stuff and a dress of Fimo. I was going for a bridal dress look, and tried texturing the dress before baking with a trimmed end of green plastic-coated garden wire, ragging the skirt with a plain probe. I then slapped on some coats of red with a dark red wash. Sadly the train snapped off as I was trying to mount the sculpt onto a base :(

Steel wire is now my favourite armature material. You can see here the terracotta colour Fimo I use, which immensely helps with contrast; you can also see several clumsy fingerprints - as these are experimental sculpts, I'm not too worried, but it would ruin this for a professional piece of work. Not sure if I will finish this with head and arms; it's more interesting to consider painting it. The red will go, to be replaced by a grubby white or ivory I think.

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