Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hellmouth Pensioners 1

Given that I struggle to sculpt natural creases in cloth, I considered ways to improve my mediocre skills. I read a copy of Dynamic Wrinkles & Drapery by Hogarth, which helped with the theory but not with the practice.

I decided to have a go at making some over-creased clothing, using some old disaster sculpts or armatures that I hadn't used. I chose Fimo (1:1 with MixQuick) as the putty, simply because it is cheap and I can fiddle with it endlessly before baking it. I drew the Fimo into thinnish sheets with my fingers, and then draped it round some armatures, trying to get it to form folds and creases. From there, the notion to make them into zombies occurred to me, then zombie pensioners, and finally I lost the plot completely and began customising them with ProCreate. So, here are my Hellmouth Pensioners.

Snake Eyes

This one began life as some sort of knight, with a copper U armature (0.8mm diameter) and ProCreate base layer. I added some armoured shoes (thank you Citadel skaven) and for some reason got bored with this sculpt - although it was looking quite good. I then added a Fimo twin set, trying to maximise the number of folds, before ragging the edges with a probe to make it look a little more undead. A lacklustre purple paint job followed, before I thought to do something with the head. This ended up being some ball bearing eye balls with tentacles...

Snake Eyes is 32mm top to bottom, and I am working on a better hood with ProCreate.


Again, I think Squashy started out as a knight, with a copper armature (arms included this time) and ProCreate base layers. I slapped a sheet of Fimo around, aiming for a hooded cloak look, and then daubed more purple around before putting her into the box. Later, I added some ProCreate scythes for arms and a nice swollen tissue green Stuff head, which I experimented with painting. Squashy stands 30mm top to bottom.

Madam Choppy
I have absolutely no idea what Madam Choppy began as, but she has a copper armature and (I think) a Green Stuff base layer. More ragged Fimo sheeting for a twin set again, before daubing on some orange. I used a brown wash for shading, and didn't do much else with it. I decided to give Madam Choppy a big scythe and a spear instead of limbs, from ProCreate. This sanded really well to produce lovely clean edges. I baked on a Fimo head, sanded it and got carried away with adding some cybernetic touches; her brains are leaking out the back and the left eye is actually a small tentacle. What look like ruffs on the sleeves are meant to be swollen tissue again, reacting to the metal arms, but they look more like ruffs :( The proportions of the upper torso and arms are wrong - she's got a seriously dislocated right shoulder and a bizarre bust.

I went with "pensioners" because I thought they would end up wearing horrid nylon dresses that Grandma Ifness (maysherestinpeace) used to wear, along with a really nasty selection of knitted busbies. I think I went with undead because it's just more fun, and I don't know where the last customisation ideas came from! With the Fimo dresses, again I used multiple short bakes as I went along.

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