Friday, 23 August 2013

Saurian/amphibian Update

I've carried on working on the saurian/amphibian/lizardman described in my last post.

Lizardman WiP
I gave him a loin cloth, then extended it, then took the extension away as it looked rubbish. I tried sculpting some chains to hang instead but that was a complete disaster (anyone have any tips?). I added some scales onto the upper thighs and some horny projections to the lower shins, as well as some feet. The claws are rubbish and I need to sculpt some better ones. I've added on some fine digits as templates for hands as a first trial of a new approach.

The paint job has changed as well, and I'm still not satisfied with it, but I think some of that now is due to the quality of the head sculpt - i.e. it's not very smooth or well-defined.

I also came across Scibor - some true artistry displayed there!

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