Friday, 9 August 2013

Reptilian Amphibian/Amphreptile/Reptiloamphib

As tortoises are one of my favourite reptiles, I thought I would try making a tortoise man. He has now ended up being some sort of cross between a tortoise man, lizard man, turtle man with a dash of saurian. He's still a WiP so here's the latest:

I used the usual stripped steel wire armature and an initial layer of ProCreate. The head was the most important component for me, so I shaped a turtle-like skull and dropped a couple of 2mm antique glass beads for eyes (which I knew would be facing laterally rather than ventrally). I then built up the head using a couple of turtle images for guidance, using ProCreate, but including a protruding orbital ridge given this creature would be largely terrestrial. I liked the look of the skin around the turtle's head and tried to replicate this by cutting lines in, but as you can see from my paint job, it hasn't really come out well. The solution for a next one would be to drop on patches, rather like GW saurians. The sculpt stands 41mm to eyes and 44mm to highest point.

I then built up some armour plates, a dorsal ridge and a tail. I'm not happy with the paint job on the head, but I can't really strip it off and I don't want to lose more detail by re-priming it. So probably back to a very long-winded patch-up job.

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